Frankenstein for Senate in 2008  

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Al Franken has moved home to Minnesota, but says it's not because he wants to run for Senate in 2008.

Yeah, right. And Hitlery didn't move to New York because she wanted to run for Senate.

He says he'll decide sometime in 2007 (which means he doesn't want to show his hand too early). The aforementioned link even had this to say:

Should he seek an elected office, Franken says his key issues would include developing alternative fuel sources, universal health care and dealing with corruption in Iraq. Franken recently returned from his third USO trip, making stops in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.
He has a target date for a decision AND a platform AND he's making USO campaign visits. I say he's running.

This, of course, is a good thing. Frankenstein's so loony that if the good people of Minnesota aren't already smart enough to keep him out of office, we'll have a whole lot to laugh at coming from the Senate floor. Just look at that platform again.

"Alternative fuel sources" - As a Senator, he would have no constitutional authority whatsoever to get involved. With the political pendulum swinging to the right, he would enter the Senate irrelevant on this issue, and would become more so over the course of his term. Of course, none of this would get him to shut up about it.

"Universal health care" - This concept has already been proven a failure in Canada and Cuba, the models which the libs want to try and follow. Furthermore, just like alternative fuel sources, it will not pass constitutional muster as the Constitution becomes re-established as the law of the land. Again, Senator Frankenstein would still flap his jaws ad nauseum.

"Dealing with the corruption in Iraq" - The corruption in Iraq is currently on trial, and will likely be convicted long before Franken ever gets to make a stump speech. By the time Frankenstein would take office, the Iraqis would be more independent than ever, and the War on Terror might even have moved to another front. Iraqi corruption is for the Iraqis to deal with, as long as it isn't affecting Americans, sir. Keep rambling on about it, anyway, though. We love a good laugh.

Moonbats are funniest when they're serious. Of course, often the're downright annoying. The idea of Al Frankenstein on the Senate floor is just one of the funniest things i can think of.