Covert Operations Completed: Debriefing  

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yes yes yes ...

We did have some fun.

The RWRmy's six month mission in the Liberal Blogosphere has been completed. So what exactly is it that we did?

Well, we actually started a blog masquerading as liberals (MUAHAHAHAHA). The attack squad included myself, and XRs RantingFox, Delftsman, and TripleNeckSteel. The blog was called WingNut Watch, and it was created to test a theory presented here at the RWRepublic back in the fall. More on that here in my post today on WingNutWatch:

I know there are a few of you who are already hip to this, but WingNut Watch is not what it has been made out to seem.

My blogger name is RightWingRocker, and many of you likely already know me for my strong conservative Constitutionalist/Federalist perspective that I voice regularly throughout the blogosphere.

In the comment area over at my blog, there was an exchange involving a discussion of liberals and their attitude towards the Constitution. I held that most liberals know what the Constitution says, and they ignore it because it is incompatible with their socialist philosophy. My good buddy Delftsman held out that you could quote them the Soviet Constitution as our own, and they'd never know the difference.

A few of us got together in a chat room and kicked around the possibilities. The discussion was quite invigorating, and this became more hilarious as we went along. We all made up new identities for ourselves, and before you knew it, WingNut Watch was born!

The idea here was not to be a spoof blog on liberals, but rather to actually masquerade as liberals ourselves. To be convincing. Then to start quoting the Soviet Constitution as if it were our own. Once we started doing that, of course, all comments exposing this fact would have to be deleted, especially from our conservative friends who would inevitably put their two cents in.

More recently, I began "trolling" in the liberal blogosphere doing the very same thing. Not just on blogs, but also on Democratic Underground, et. al. All to test out Delfts's theory.

Well, most people didn't take the bait. This may or may not have meant that they understood what I was lying about to be true, but I don't see any reason to make that assumption. Conservatives rather consistently went right in and started googling my quotes, and coming up with the right answer - mostly.

Interestingly, of those who ventured a comment, people were fooled about equally from both sides of the aisle. What was more fun was the emails trying to get those conservatives who knew the truth to shut the hell up and let us work our magic.

It's been fun, but yes, you've all been had. This "covert operation" in the liberal blogosphere has now come to an end. I'm proud to introduce my cohorts, the cast of "Wingnut Watch":

Ranting Fox as "Foxy Marxist"
TripleNeckSteel as "Philly Progresive"
Delftsman as "Karloff DeCarlo"
and yours truly,
RightWingRocker as "BeerIsClear"

You are invited to come hang out at our blogs, regardless of which side of the aisle you are from. We all enjoy spirited debate and good friendship.

Oh yes, and definitely pray for Delfts. He's had a pretty rough week.

Any questions? HAHAHAHA