Sheehag - The Lowest of All Creatures  

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just to give you an idea what a complete first-class BITCH the Sheehag really is, consider the following:

This is the mock monument to her son at "Camp Casey":

Notice that this "monument" is complete with Casey's picture and his boots.

This is Casey's REAL burial site:

What mother would put her political agenda before her family in this fashion? She claims to have no money to speak of, despite a $250,000 insurance payment she received as a result of Casey's death. She was, after all, able to afford a brand-ass-spanking-new Volkswagen Beetle. A couple thousand for a headstone would be a drop in the bucket compared to that, I would think. In fact, that's part of what life insurance is supposed to pay for. Does she REALLY expect us to believe his funeral expenses and a new car didn't leave enough to buy a $2,000 headstone?

I'm not sure why his other relatives haven't chipped in to get him something, but if no one will buy Casey a headstone, maybe the rest of us ought to get together and see to it that he gets one? I'm not rolling in cash here, but I could make a small contribution. Anyone care to join me?


h/t - Wild Thing for the 411 and the link.