Continuing Education  

Thursday, April 03, 2014

... and I mean REAL education.

It was interesting even from a strange starting point - a podcast that I was producing.

I've learned a lot about Twentieth Century (and current) slavery in the United States, and how it came about (or maybe better how it was a continuation of 19th Century slavery).

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction, but what is appalling is that this stuff has been known for a long time by many and kept from the rest of us by the cowards in the media. I can't say I blame them though. There were likely some pretty serious threats. Threaten to kill someone who is unarmed, and you are likely to turn him a coward.

I still have not made my decision as to what to do with all of this. Financially, this system has a pretty tight hold on me, and it will be a long time before I have the ability to do anything at all about my status; but that only gives me more time to learn and think.

That, my friends, is why I have been so quiet. Living in a fantasy world where left and right actually meant something was actually a bit more fun. Knowing now that left and right are simply a means of hiding the truth from us is a huge undertaking that requires much more study and learning.

For now, I remain a slave (as most likely so do you), and will continue to look for things upon which I can comment, as always using the Constitution as my guide (whether it is truly in place or not) and evaluating everything from within that context. Our owners have not rescinded that privilege. The Constitution is still SUPPOSED to be the supreme law of the land.

So back to the books for me. Hopefully, I will be around to write.



A Little Something from the Lonegan Campaign  

Friday, March 07, 2014

This came in my email yesterday from Steve Lonegan's campaign. I hope he wins. This is the kind of guy Americans need in Washington.

Lois Lerner’s Five, Six , Seven, Eight...
For the Sixth Time, Obama Administration Official Pleads the Fifth on Targeting Conservative Groups
March 5, 2014
LAVALLETTE, NJ – Conservative Republican Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan responded to former IRS official Lois Lerner’s decision to plead the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination for the sixth time in front of a Congressional Hearing today with the following statement:
“Sadly we are again reminded today of the old adage, ‘If it walks like a duck.’ In pleading the Fifth again, Lois Lerner has led us to believe she is protecting those government agents responsible for targeting conservative political groups. Barack Obama promised the American people that he would have the most transparent Administration in history, and instead he has created an enemies list. In this country, no citizen should fear their government. The power in this country rests with the people, not government, a value Barack Obama may never understand."
I have to disagree with Steve on one point, "In this country, no citizen should fear their government". The whole reason things are the way they are is simply that for too long, not enough citizens have feared their government. Perhaps no citizen should need to fear their government, but fearing the government from the getgo is not only healthy, but necessary in any free republic. It's what keeps the government from getting too powerful.

Other than that, Steve is spot on as usual. I do wish he were running in my district. He would do much more good replacing Andrews than Runyan. Of course either scenario is an improvement.



Cruz for President  

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

OK. It's time to put all this bullshit to rest.

All over the web, I am seeing people who claim to be Constitution-loving Tea Party types beating the drum for (or at least hinting at) having Ted Cruz run for President of the United States. It has replaced the calls for Marco Rubio to do the same.

Regardless of who you would like to see there, NEITHER OF THESE GUYS IS ELIGIBLE!!!!!

Sure. I would love to see someone of Cruz's anti-establishment character get in there, maybe even a Rubio, BUT, that would just result in an extension of the current Constitutional crisis, in which we have an ineligible person sitting in the Oval Office.

I have beaten the drum of the Natural Born Citizen clause here more than enough to have proven my point. In order to rise to the office of President of the United States, one must be a natural born citizen. According to the Law of Nations, which the Founders would have used to define the term, a natural born citizen is one who is born within the borders of a country and whose parents are both citizens of that country. As I have chronicled here, the current occupant of the White House does not fit that definition and is therefore not a legitimate president.

But Rubio isn't either. He was born in Florida to  foreign parents. Sure, they were later naturalized, but anyone insisting (as Tea Partiers do) that the Constitution be followed cannot support this man for the office of POTUS due to this situation. His parents were not citizens at the time of his birth, so he is not natural born.

Of late, we have heard much about a possible Cruz run. Again, any Constitutionalist Tea Partier is going to have a problem here. His mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth, but his father was not naturalized until 2005. At the time of his birth, Cruz did not have two Citizen parents. Furthermore, he wasn't even born on US soil, unless you consider Calgary, Alberta US soil.

This is no surprise, though. Neither party ran a legitimate candidate in 2008, though McCain was born to American parents who would have been on US soil had they not been sent abroad on a military mission. At least McCain had the decency (an unusual trait for him) to approach Congress for a clarification. Still, in reality, McCain was no more eligible for the office than my own cousin who was born in Lebanon to American parents who were also on a military mission.

Make no mistake about it. Cruz would be a huge improvement on a Constitutionalist front; but it's that same Constitution that makes it impossible for him to do so.

Now can we please shut up about a Cruz run? This shit is making the Tea Party look like hypocrites on the level of Republicans and Democrats (but I repeat myself).



Jen Kuznicki Exposes John Feehery  

I have never heard of this Jen Kuznicki before, but thanks to Mark Levin, I now have. She hangs a Republican asswipe in this post, exposing his foolishness and complete refusal to know or understand anything at all about the Tea Party.

Go read it. This is BlogRWRoll material!



Glenn Beck Exposes the Republicans  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This was posted back in October. Very important.

Listen and heed. This is what we are up against.



Rand Paul Lawsuit Over NSA  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whoever may have suggested that Rand Paul wouldn't make a good president would have been a fool, and today's news illustrates why.

Here's a guy with the guts to stand up for Americans and their ACTUAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, as opposed to phony rights that are made up along the way.

I hope ol' Rand cleans some serious clock here, and while he's at it, bring ol' George back for his whooping if it's found that he was doing the same thing.

Then, in 2016, it will be time to elect President Rand Paul.

Hey what do you guys think about the idea of me running for Mr. Andrews' former seat? hmm??? LOL



Andrews is Out!  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

At long last, my scumbag congressman is resigning!

Rob Andrews
Soon to be FORMER Congressional Scumbag

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, motherfucker!



Reid: Taxation is Vountary  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 Watch this and tell me if it doesn't peg your bullshit meter:

Yeah ok Harry. Do you really expect us to believe that your thugs in the IRS are going to buy it?

If it weren't so pathetic, it would be funny how he tries to say people aren't forced, then uses deductions as an excuse for saying it's all voluntary.

In reality, federal income taxes ARE VOLUNTARY. However, most people aren't told the procedure for getting around them. Too many people with their hands out for anyone to squeal.



Distrust of Government  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Been busy reading .. a LOT! Learning a lot more about what is really going on and getting a lot of new insight into what this government has done.

If it weren't so believable, I would be completely unbelievable.

The things people will do to hold and increase their power ... WOW.

I'm still reading. Keep coming by though. You likely have no idea what is about to hit you.



Happy New Year 2014  

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

This, of course, is one of those days where we all just come together and enjoy a day. Hope yours is amazing! I think I heard something about snow here in the next day or two. Yuck. RWR


Pope Francis: Socialist Idiot Extraordinaire  

Monday, December 02, 2013

If ever there were a reason for good Catholics to abandon the Church, Pope Francis has got to be it. How is it that only two popes removed from the Soviet "example" that tried everything he wants and failed (thanks in large part to a previous pope who had to live under the real tyranny of the Soviet Union), we wind up with a pope who wants to go back to what has already been proven counterproductive to any positive result?

Frankie, crawl back into your hole. The world would be much better off with fewer morons like yourself.



Checking In  

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

OK folks, it's been quiet here for the reasons already set forth. Blogging as a martial arts blogger now, but not as busy with that as before, as I am doing some other projects for my martial arts master. The special election last month was a joke. The Republicans didn't even try to get Steve elected, as I predicted. I also will hopefully be getting more done in the comment update that I started years ago ... Catch all of you soon! RWR


Your Tax Dollars at Work, Maryland  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Glenn Beck brought this video to our attention today on his radio program. You can read about it on The Blaze as well. Robert Small, was trying to have a concern addressed at a school board meeting.

Small was charged with second-degree assault of a police officer and faces a $2,500 fine and up to 10 years in prison. He was also charged with disturbing a school operation, which carries an additional $2,500 and up to six months in jail.
Small attempted to push the officer away when he first approached him, the police report claims. Watch the video and decide for yourself if Small assaulted the officer:

At what point do we stop allowing them to do this to us?



Lonegan gets Rand Paul's Endorsement  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

One more reason the GOP won't do anything to help Steve Lonegan win next month:

Rand Paul's endorsement.

If we win this, there won't be any thanks due Lonegan's inept party. They are playing for the other side.



Ta-Ta RWN  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hawk has gone ahead and done something REALLY STUPID.

He has restricted his comment area to Facebook users only.

This means that unless you are willing to put your personal information on one of the least secure sites on the Internet, one that shares your information directly with the government and its spy agencies, you can't comment at RWN anymore.

Since one of the criteria for my blogroll is that I must be able to comment on the blogs listed there, RWN will be removed from my blogroll at the next update, and I will be removing myself from Hawk's mailing list.

It's quite alright, though. Hawk has gone from RINO to Remocrat, moving to the left as he seems to think is necessary assumedly due to Oblahma's presence in the White House. He's completely off the mark today as well. In discovering the above, I had been trying to respond to this post, in which Hawk outlines his own big government alternative to big government, even invoking Ronald Reagan in the process (in a way Bonzo would have never approved of).

So Hawk, now that you have joined the Democrats in their zest for big government (only big government as envisioned by Republicans), we won't be giving you much of a look from here anymore, especially since you are putting such moronic restrictions on your comment area.

Later Days!



The ACP Launches  

The ACP Launches

By The ACP on Sep 09, 2013 11:45 am

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                      Sept. 4, 2013
Phone: 888-227-8501

Starting in September, the American Conservative Party, in its effort to further the good work across the country opposing measures to erode property rights and free markets under the guise of environmental awareness, is launching:

The site is so named in response to the term “sustainable development” which is often used to describe a cadre of policies which seek to influence economic, social/cultural, and environmental issues through central planning.

For over 20 years now, governments, large and small, across the United States have embarked on a crusade of “…comprehensive planning, striving to manipulate and guide human behavior through transportation, infrastructure, land use, and “economic development”–completely ignoring that the American experiment owes its success to the primacy of individual rights and private ownership of capital and property. Instead of grand schemes of national and regional planning, the American Conservative Party supports individual economic freedom and decentralized decision-making.” (from the ACP Principle Document @

All across the country, citizens are finally beginning to ask the tough questions about what “sustainable development” means, and are expressing concern at the source of “smart growth,” “form-based code,” and “live, work, and play.”  What appears on the surface as completely innocent, and even innovative land-use decisions, often morphs into: huge swaths of land made off limits to humans, transportation boondoggles, subsidization of “affordable housing” and a slow decay of the role of individual property owners in the distribution and use of private property.  The organization known as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, aka: Local Governments for Sustainability), has had long time relationships with counties and cities and, in an effort to implement “Agenda 21″ Policies (from the United Nations’ Conference on Environment and Development Rio De Jeneiro Conference in 1992) and in its support of “comprehensive planning” efforts, is now finding themselves challenged by those who seek to defend private property rights.

The ACP encourages its members, and all of those who are active in advocating to their local, state, and federal governments, to seek to preserve fundamental rights, and fiscal accountability from their legislators, and resist efforts to put the lives and properties of their citizenry in the hands of central planners and “stakeholder groups.”

The ACP seeks legislation at the national, state, and local levels which will minimize the role of “comprehensive planning” and reaffirm the role of the free market and individual decision-makers.

“There are few things more important, in our view, than minimizing the role of bureaucrats and central planners, and maximizing the role of free citizens and property owners, in the way land is used in the United States,” said Kirk Spears, current Chairman of the American Conservative Party.  ”So, fighting sustainable and regional development efforts is, and will continue to be, a huge part of our policy efforts over the foreseeable future.”

Though the ACP’s Party Principles have been supportive of property rights over central planning since its inception, and the ACP leadership has been active on this issue since 2010, is the first dedicated website from a political party specifically to fight sustainable development and central/regional planning efforts.

The American Conservative Party is a Political Party formed in February 2008 by a group of bloggers and activists, who felt that an expressly independent organization with a clear mandate for limited and enumerated government was required in order to move the body politic, and the country to the right for the long term.  For more information on the ACP, you can visit their website:, email:, or write: 1900 Campus Commons Dr., Suite 100; Reston, VA  20191.


What are These People Thinking?  

Friday, September 06, 2013

John Kerry advocates military action against Syria? For using WMDs?

Yeah ok Skippy.

1. Advocates of the Iraq war made it perfectly clear that they believed that Saddam had sent his WMDs to Syria. Some even claimed that there was satellite footage of the transports.

2. John Kerry, a known anti-war activist, who accused US soldiers in multiple wars of atrocities that he had no evidence of, publicly called bullshit on the idea that Saddam had ever had WMDs to begin with.

3. Now that the Syrian government has used these WMDs on its own people (where have we seen this before ...), the same John Kerry is being trotted out to advocate military action against Syria.

That begs a number of questions ...

a. Are US citizens such as myself, and US soldiers such as our hero ArmyBryan now vindicated, since the Syrians are now using Saddam's WMDs as weapons of terror?

b. Will Kerry take back his baseless accusations that President Bush's assertions that Saddam had had these weapons were all lies?

c. Who exactly was the dumbass in the Oblahma "administration" that suggested that this fuckweasel would be a credible voice to advocate for war? Can one think of something more stupid?

Look, regardless of what one thought about the Iraq war (or any war for that matter), to call someone a liar for telling the truth, one must admit this transgression before advocating for action. John Kerry is a hypocrite of the worst kind.

This does bring forth a much bigger issue:

Why would anyone in this country believe anything this man says at this point?

Anyone who does is an insult to American intelligence (and I don't mean the military kind).



Steve Lonegan for Senate  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Win, lose, or draw, Republicans have a unique opportunity in this election. Steve Lonegan is running for Frank Lautenberg's old Senate seat. Primaries are today.

Should New Jersey Republicans put Lonegan on the ticket, it will be a huge improvement regardless of the result of the election. Someone needs to get behind these more libertarian conservatives and work to get them elected.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Go Steve!



Important Considerations for Independence Day  

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Plenty to be said, and much of it is right here.

A few excerpts (mainly for purposes of preserving links):

237 years ago, on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the 13 colonies to affirm that governments are constituted to secure natural, individual rights and that they “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

And, that “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”
Looking back on these words, it is hard to defend the government in its present form as one that either secures individual rights or operates with the consent of the governed. Particularly, when one considers how meticulously those rights have been eroded over time and how feckless the three branches of government have become at reining in virtually limitless expansions of federal power.

Consider for example the existence of super agencies that possess the power of each of the three branches to make laws, enforce them, and apply them to individuals caught in the web of the administrative state — a topic of much interest to authors such as talk show host Mark Levin (Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia) to George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley writing recently in the Washington Post “The rise of the fourth branch of government.”
Or this one:
In Ameritopia, author Levin extensively quotes philosopher John Locke, who in 1689 warned precisely against such a concentration of powers into single entities: “it may be too great temptation to human frailty, apt to grasp at power, for the same persons who have the power of making laws to have also in their hands the power to execute them.” Here, Locke famously argued — later refined by Charles de Montesquieu — that governmental powers should be separated.

For the uninitiated, as Levin’s book and daily broadcast make abundantly clear, Locke and Montesquieu together make two of the most influential philosophers whose works later advised the American Revolution, and then the form the federal government would take in the adoption of the Constitution, which made the separation of powers its cornerstone.
Locke called the concentration of power no less than tyrannical: “As usurpation is the exercise of power which another hath a right to, so tyranny is the exercise of power beyond right, which nobody can have a right to.”

Is today’s administrative state tyrannical?

It is hard to argue that it is anything but arbitrary and capricious in its rulemakings. Also, the sheer number of agencies and their many subdivisions that issue such quasi-judicial rulings on individuals and businesses is simply overwhelming. The University of Virginia has published a comprehensive listing of these linking to the many federal databases containing the hundreds of thousands of rulings made each year.

The university is careful to note that this is not a listing of regulations per se, but of adjudicatory rulings: “This page is not an attempt to link to Federal Register or the Code of Federal Regulations information for each federal agency. It links to other administrative actions which are outside the scope of the CFR or the FR.”
Or this:
In a May 30 broadcast, Levin promised his listeners he would soon address these problems in his upcoming book due to be published in August. “[O]ne day, we, you, me, millions of us have to take matters into our own hands. No, no, no, I don’t mean violence in any respect. One day, we have to take back our government, and there are ways to do it.”

He repeated, “There are ways to do it and we’ll talking about it in the months ahead.”

Is he referring to a constitutional convention, which can be called for by two-thirds, or 34 of the states? Time will tell, but if he is, he will undoubtedly have to be prepared to contend with Phyllis Shlafly’s 1987 objections to such an enterprise as a “runaway convention” that would “be wide open and able to consider any change in the Constitution.”

On the other hand, looking at the current body of the federal government, perhaps everything should be on the table anyway, since the government has already taken every conceivable power upon itself.
Lots to consider, but do read the whole piece. It's quite revealing.



More Information ...  

Monday, July 01, 2013

... about illegal operations of the US government spying on US citizens.

For your perusal.



Emperor Misha: Dead On AGAIN  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just read it. There's a reason the Emperor is my Blog-Father!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to come back and leave a comment. I know it's largely my fault for turning to martial arts blogging these days, but it does get a little lonely around here when I come to read the comments!



RWR Digest June 13, 2013  

Some good reading that I'm doing today:

Hawk: 20 Basic Truths You Can't Talk About in America Anymore
Hawk: 5 Lies the Donks Told to Sell Oblahmacare
Hawk: 20 Hottest Women in the Conservative New Media

No no no. I have not become a RWN junkie again. My next post is far more important. Read that link SLOWLY.



Here's Why  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Here's a big part of the reason conservatives keep hounding both Democrat and Republican alike:

NSA Wiretaps

NSA Data Mining

When shit like this is happening, there's just too much damned government.

This isn't just Oblahma and Bush. This shit goes back to Carter and Nixon ... and beyond.

This is what government does. The question it brings up is why Americans keep voting for it.



Not So Bad  

Friday, June 07, 2013

Well the GOP primaries were this week, and since I no longer identify as one of THEM, I did not vote. Just as well. We all knew the outcome anyway.

Honestly, it wasn't so bad. Really. What purpose would my voting serve? I live in a state where a big government liberal is demonized as a "right-wing extremist" on a daily basis. Hell, it was no use commenting on the death of a well-established Senate criminal here. He will likely be replaced with someone worse.

So we either get four more years of the fat man, or we get worse.

Bury old Frankie face down so he can see where he's going.

The good thing about all the nastiness going on in this country is that it will force Americans to stand up and fight.

If there are any guns left, that is - or people eligible to own them. Pretty soon it will be a crime to walk out your front door without a license to do so!

Sorry for not being my usual uppity self this morning. I've been watching the Phillies. LOL!