RWRules - Read Before Posting Comments  

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The date of this post has been changed to move it to the bottom. Its actual date of origin is 3/22/2005, and updated 3/30/2006 and 9/14/2009 ...

It is unfortunate that I have to do this, but it seems people have to be rude, so I now have to impose rules on my commenters.

First of all, I have no problem with people using profanity on my blog. I believe that it is a healthy way to express oneself in all but the most stringent situations. I will NOT, however, allow profanity to be used in a way that is offensive to the opinions stated here, or the opinions of those who come to this blog to comment. For example, "What the fuck are you talking about?" will generally be tolerated, while "that is a fucking stupid thing to say" will generally not be tolerated. As for situations where people are told to "fuck off", that comment is mine to make, exclusively.

I welcome the opinions of moonbats (Liberals). I do NOT welcome the opinions of trolls (people who just come by and throw around bullshit arguments without any basis for saying what they say). Exactly who is a moonbat and who is a troll is exclusively up to MY discretion, though it should be pretty easy for you to know which you are.

Personal attacks on me will be deleted. I do not subscribe to loony political views such as fascism or socialism. My political philosophy is that of a Constitutionalist, or of a "New Federalist". Agreeing with the Founding Fathers does not make me a fascist or a socialist, since the Founding Fathers would have had nothing whatsoever to do with either of these, since they fly in in the face of any concept of a Bill of Rights. Off-topic posts will also be deleted. This is not a place for you to come trolling for hits to your blog, especially if I don't know you.

Much discussion on this blog involves constitutional issues. Please do not quote general welfare clause as a justification for your favorite socialist program. The general welfare clause is only applicable to the list that follows it. Do NOT try to use it as justification for your socialist ponzi schemes. From now on, my response to this will simply be "A/S (Article/Section), please," and I'll leave it at that. The general welfare clause does not give the federal government carte blanche to do whatever some communist thinks promotes the "General Welfare". Get over it. Give me the actual Article and Section or just shut the fuck up.

Also, after a time, I will stop accepting new comments on posts. This is just because I want to work with the current posts and not have to worry about the old ones.

Again, I will decide who is a troll and who is a simple moonbat. However, if a reader asks that something be removed, and I believe that request has merit, I will delete the offending comment.  Also note that I dislike comment spam as much as the next guy, so expect any of that to be dealt with accordingly.

The bottom line is that this blog is my home on the web. If you don't agree with me and want to engage in a constructive (yet sometimes vitriolic) discussion, feel free. If you are going to just sit there and be an asshole, I will send you packing, just like I would do if you had done so in my house.

Anything you enter in the comment area becomes my property. That means I can do with it as I wish, including plastering your foolishness all over the Internet or my high-quality t-shirts.

I reserve the right to edit your comment for whatever reason I wish, including my own selfish purposes. Think before you say something stupid.

The BlogRWRoll is not an entitlement. If you are on it, great. If not, it's no reflection on you. I only blogroll those blogs that I read and/or comment on. No blog will be blogrolled without my ability to comment on it. Some really awesome blogs have lost a spot on my blogroll for this reason. Sorry. That's just the way it is.

These rules are subject to change at my whim. If you don't like it, FUCK OFF!