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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Right Wing News - August 19, 2005. Comment string.

Some Bush-hating liberidiot using the name Freder_Frederson posted this comment on an excellent post by John Hawkins over at Right Wing News. The post was adamant that the real quagmire in Iraq was faced by the terrorists. The links to the post and the comment string are set above.

So far, I have been tragically right about this war and the administration's incompetent handling of it. And I will make this prediction now and you can rub it in my face. One year from now Iraq will either be in a full scale civil war or have an Iranian friendly Shiite dominated theocracy. Our troops will be withdrawing or thrown out of the country and there will be no way for the administration to either claim that we have won, or you, as much as you may try, to blame the loss on the liberals and the MSM.

by Freder_Frederson on 2005-08-19 11:31:12
Of course, I was willing to comment on this and call him on it (what the heck ... no consequences for being wrong):

I'm surprised no one called you on this, Freder. I will therefore take it upon myself to do so.

You're on; and my confidence comes from those who have returned from the war zones and have reported much the same as matterson and armybryan.

Since there are no consequences for being wrong for either of us, bookmark my blog and stop in next year. Matterson and Bryan - don't let me down.

I'll be waiting.


by RightWingRocker on 2005-08-21 22:05:01
So my challenge is on. There really is no reason in the world to believe that Iraq will be that out of control in as little as a year. The Sunnis are no longer shying from the process, and everyone's at the table. The security forces are training, and they are improving every day.

Furthermore, such a situation may not be the end of the world, nor should it be considered a failure on the US's part if it does happen. Remember that the whole idea of freedom is for people to govern themselves. We fought a civil war here in the United States for that very reason. If there is a civil war, those yearning for freedom will win in the end. If there is an Iran-sympathizing terrorist government in Iraq, there will be a clear mission with a clear target and a clear enemy. Militarily, that may be an advantage over dealing with the non-Iraqi "insurgents" whom we are dealing with now. At worst, the situation Freder describes would be little more than a setback in the War on Terror.

Therefore, all I am calling Freder on is whether he will be right about there being an Iraqi civil war or terrorist government that sympathizes with Iran, our troops withdrawing in shame or being kicked out, and no way America can claim victory or blame liberals or the liberal media, one year from the day he posted his comment.


Update: I've transferred the comments to this post just to make sure they don't get lost in the Haloscan archive. It's true that Haloscan's premium package is reasonably priced, but I just can't afford it at this point. Here's the thread:

Freder, I'll join RWR in that wager, bookmark me HERE and we'll just see who's correct in 365 short days.Let's raise the stakes, loser treats winner to a steak dinner.

LC/IB delftsman3 Homepage 08.22.05 - 3:59 am #

I'd go with the steak thing if i weren't all mired in debt ... ya know this Bush economy hahaahha


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.22.05 - 4:02 am #

Hey RWR, thanks for the backup. I and every other soldier over here thank you and those like you for defending us from attacks at home while we defend against attacks from abroad. Much appreciated, man.


armybryan 08.23.05 - 8:02 am #

Thanks, Bryan.

Please keep coming around and dropping in a comment, especially to keep me posted on the situation.

Thanks again for all you do, and please pass the same on to everyone out there. You are doing the Lord's work.


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.23.05 - 1:57 pm #

RWR, he's just going to do the leftie "move the goalposts" on you. He'll define whatever the situation is a year from now as a civil war.

Liberals are pathological liars. But you knew that already. Nice blog.

Long time, first time.

Dave 08.23.05 - 9:35 pm #

Let him try.Don't forget, Freder's comment was in the context of a discussion with actual soldiers on the ground, one of which has already commented on this post.

Bryan will be able to back up whatever the real case is.


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.23.05 - 10:08 pm #

Actually,I'm going to go out on a limb and say I hope Freder is right at least in one regard-

There are some- and I am beginning to believe this myself-- that feel we should encourage as much fractiousness among the various sects of Islam as we can manage.

There's going to have to be a war within Islam itself if what we so dreamily insist is this difficult-to-observe-in-it's-natural-habitat "moderate Islam" is to prevail. We should encourage it, just as we should encourage the so-called "Palestinians" to fight it out amongst themselves- with any luck, they will cease to be regarded as a nationality.

As for Iraq, the hope is that the Federalists will prevail over the Chauvinists, and the issue of religious fundamentalism and Sharia will recede in importance.

LC TripleNeckSteel Homepage 08.23.05 - 10:59 pm #

Federalism is always the best way to go. Of course, I seriously doubt Freder would understand your logic, Triple. He's too wrapped up in hating war and the President.


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.23.05 - 11:00 pm #

Hey Rocker, just wanted to let you know that yet another power generation station has been completed and almost all the transmission lines to individual houses are done. Don't tell Freder though, he will just deny it and say I'm lying again. F*ck it, tell him, then gloat some. It is good for the soul.

armybryan 08.24.05 - 11:16 am #

Keep it up, Bryan.

You know, with all these failures, just imagine how awesome it's going to be when we see some SUCCESS over there!!



RightWingRocker Homepage 08.24.05 - 11:45 am #

Something to consider about freder. People who operate from the emotional tend to project onto those who disagree. Thus others are always at fault. So it doesn't really matter. Any outcome whatsoever will be twisted by Freder into something he "predicted" and it will be all our faults. This is the kind of BS that moved me to the right.

Doncos 08.25.05 - 12:05 pm #