Rocker for President  

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not really.

But I have, from time to time, thought about what my priorities would be if I were to run, and ultimately, to win and become President of the United States. Of course, I'm sure everyone gets a thought or two like that during the course of a lifetime.

As President, there are a few things I would try to accomplish.

* Real border security. I would take drastic measures to stop as many illegal aliens from entering the country as possible, while simultaneously deporting any illegal aliens found about the country. This goes for all illegal aliens, regardless of their nation of origin. If a wall were to become necessary, I would support its building with expenditures as provided for in the Constitution.

* Federalism. I would start be reinstating President Reagan's EO 12612 and insist upon its full implementation. I would supplement this EO with orders that the constitutionality of all federal programs be reviewed, and real plans for dismantling any and all unconstitutional operations, departments, and/or programs be submitted. I would further seek to implement as much of the New Federalist platform as possible, except where I have indicated in these posts that I am in disagreement with the New Federalists.

* Fiscal responsibility. With the dismantling of unconstitutional operations described above, plenty of money would be made available as a down-payment on the national debt. Simplification of the tax code and tax cuts for all Americans would stimulate the economy, increasing federal receipts and making deficits unnecessary. There would be plenty of money to fund constitutional operations, including military and national security operations, AND provide tax cuts, AND make significant payments toward the national debt, with the ultimate goal of retiring it completely.

* Terrorism. All nations sponsoring terrorism would be put on notice: Knock it the fuck off or da Rocker gonna rock your world. I'm not sure I would necessarily turn Iran into a glass parking lot, but I would definitely finish the job of training the Afghan and Iraqi militaries as quickly as possible, so that Iran could easily be attacked simultaneously from both the east and west. Syria would be a major target after that, as would North Korea, and any other nation that chooses to threaten the American people with violence. I would invoke the threat of nuclear attack to defend the lives and unalienable rights of the American people, including all the barking moonbats who would oppose me at every turn. The real threat of American military action is the best way to keep our enemies at bay.

* Dismantling socialism. Socialism has dismally failed to solve any problems in the US, and can clearly be argued to have created more problems, that socialists have tried to solve with more socialism. Big government will never be the cure for any social ill, and Americans must face this fact directly and immediately. Per my remarks earlier regarding Federalism, any program not authorized by the Constitution would be targeted for elimination. This is not to say that individual States couldn't replace these programs as authorized by their own constitutions, but they would not be run or funded by the federal government.

To even accomplish a portion of this would go a long way in re-establshing the constitutional federalist republic our founding fathers set up in their infinite wisdom. That wisdom is still applicable today, and will endure forever in our future, if we allow it.