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Friday, July 28, 2006

This comment came in this morning from the RWRepublic's Honorary-Soldier-at-Large ...

Dude, Freder is such a yutz. No amount of information will change his "reality-based" mind. It's like "I've made up my mind, don't confuse me with the facts" so don't really expect him to actually admit he is wrong, which he is. Basra is not living under Sharia, and the reason that we can shift more troops into Baghdad is two-fold. First, the area that encompasses the Baghdad zone has almost quadrupled in size, so units that used to be in a different area are now considered to be part of MND-Baghdad. Second, and more to the point of contention, is that we have been handing over other provinces to the Iraqi security forces, which enables us to use our troops more effectively, in the areas where they will do the most good. Anyway, I will be out of the loop for awhile. I have to make a trip to S. Korea for the next couple of months.

PS. Enjoy the steak dinner, if you can pry it out of Freder.

armybryan 07.28.06 - 9:55 am #
Though the steak dinner was never ultimately agreed upon, there are only a few weeks until August 19, the date by which Freder says Iraq will be in the throes of an all-out civil war, and that we will be forced to cut and run with our tails between our legs. This victory for the terrorists will supposedly be so decisive that there will be no way to blame the libs/MSM, and there will be no way to describe it any other way. Our military and those of us who support them will be forced to concede the loss.

According to Bryan, however, whose duties include reviewing daily intelligence reports from Iraq (and who was on the ground in Iraq at the time of the wager), there is no sign of this happening, especially within the next three weeks.

Do I expect Freder to admit that he was wrong? Of course not. His version of "reality" is nothing more than whatever the socialists, leftwads, and Bush-haters decide to fill his head with that day. Actual facts mean nothing to him, unless they come from the enemy, as evidenced by his use of an anti-US site to support a questionable claim over at RWN yesterday.

At the time of this posting, he still hasn't responded to my invitation to "correct the record" with regard to Hawkins' interview with an actual Iraqi citizen who has lived through everything that has happened there.

I wonder why he has no problem telling our soldiers on the groud what is happening right in front of them but can't do the same with an Iraqi civilian. It's not like it takes any more balls.


Update 7/29: If there were, in fact, a full-scale all-out civil war in Iraq, you would think there would be something about it on CENTCOM's website. There isn't. Here's a search on the words "Civil War" from CENTCOM's website. It comes up completely dry. Only three weeks to go, Freder.