ArmyBryan Reports  

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ArmyBryan, who was actually in Iraq at the time Freder_Frederson and I made our wager, has just reported in from Korea (he still gets daily reports from Iraq):

First, from the comments section:

So, FF loses again. Isn't his record almost as dismal as Kos's? There is no civil war in Iraq, the IDF is much improved from a year ago, although they still have a long way to go to measure up to our standards, but things are getting better, albeit somewhat unevenly. I talk with guys on the ground daily and read there reports, so this is first hand info I get. Sorry it took so long to post, but I am busy with an exercise in Korea right now.

armybryan | 08.23.06 - 8:25 pm | #
And this from an email I received tonight:
Sorry that it has taken so long to get online, but they were still setting the network up here in Korea, so I just got access. Anyway, long story short, Freder loses the bet, the IDF are improving and starting to move away from the tribal model and more towards the professional soldier. This is only the beginning steps, but it beats them going the other way. Some units still have problem with members moonlighting as nilitia members, but they are slowly being expunged from the ranks. So, while it is not all daisies and cupcakes, the situation is getting better. Gotta run for now.
Any chance Freder will admit to this?

I doubt it. He's living in a world of delusion.