Just In from Iraq  

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In working to make sure I have the very best information possible with regard to the civil war that's supposed to start in Iraq within the next ten days, according to Freder_Frederson, I shot off an email to Omar and Mohammed at Iraq the Model. It was very brief, as was Omar's response. I did follow it up today, so we'll see what happens. Here's the exchange so far ...


Hey Omar and Mohammed,

If you can, please respond and let us know over here in the States whether you believe there is this huge civil war going on in Iraq, and if not, what would you call it?

I'm cutting this email short, so as to not put my opinions into the mix.



I will call it a foreign intervention from regional powers aiming at sparking a huge civil war.
We're not there yet but we will if those foreign hands are not chopped and taken off Iraq asap.

So, according to Omar, we're not out of the woods yet. Of course, no one expected us to be out of the woods, just not to the point of civil war, and I have faith that the Iraqis and our soldiers will be able to keep these regional powers at bay.

Also, don't forget that Omar is an Iraqi civilian who has lived his whole life in Iraq. He has lived under Saddam Hussein for much of his life. He has seen everything that's been happening first hand. I will take Omar's word over Freder's any day. That's why US military and Iraqi civilian sources were to be the standard in the wager, rather than Freder's often bogus information.

To Omar and Mohammed I say this: Fending off the terrorists in Iraq and avoiding civil war is ultimately going to be your responsibility as Iraqis. It is your country, and therefore your responsilibity to defend it. If we didn't think you could handle it, we would have stayed home or chosen another battle. We are happy to train your forces, and will be turning control over to you as appropriate.

We believe in you.