More on the "Civil War" in Iraq  

Monday, August 07, 2006

I came across this article at TownHall tonight regarding the so-called "civil war" that's coming within the next 12 days, according to Freder_Frederson.

I found it interesting that the article tells us that "military leaders" are saying that "such a conflict may be inevitable."

And yet, the words "civil war" do not appear ANYWHERE on CENTCOM's website. If the US military were working to contain or prevent a civil war, I would think that CENTCOM would definitely have something about it on its website. Wouldn't you? If the US Army were working to contain or prevent a civil war, wouldn't the daily intelligence reports coming out of Iraq have something about it?

I would think TownHall, one of the more responsible media outlets in the US, would pay a little more attention to real military sources, and not to a few talking heads who may be pushing a political agenda. Remember, we do have socialists and members of the "hate Bush crowd" serving in our military. You don't have to look very hard to find pro-Iraq things to put into these reports. Hell, all I do is check CENTCOM, an actual military intelligence specialist, and a popular Iraqi blog, and I have no problem finding it.

So anyway, I responded:

"Civil War this ... Civil War that ..." (President Bush as quoted by another commenter)

The President couldn't have said it better ... well, except to say what I would have said: "Civil war, Schmivil War".

In Iraq, the terrorists are becoming less relevant every day , especially with the hostilities they've now started at the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Their strategy is now becoming clear: Tie up the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, in the process capitalizing on the pro-terrorist MSM, so that there's less chance of the US coming to Israel's rescue when the actual attacks on Israel take place.

The problem with this strategy is that they apparently thought the US would take more time with Iran's nuke program, given the saber-rattling from North Norea, but the attention now being paid to Tehran has forced them to fire on the Israelis from Lebanon in an effort to buy Ahmagaynutjob time in dealing with the US, all the while encouraging the left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) to keep pounding away, calling the situation in Iraq a "civil war".

Another problem with that strategy is that the Israelis are quite capable of handling that front on their own, and for the "Hezbos" (as I heard Rush call them today) to even have a chance, they're going to have to call upon Iran and Syria, forcing the militarily superior US to settle the score once and for all if it becomes too much for Israel.

Previous conflicts (e.g. WWII) have taught us that it's best for everyone to simply do what it takes to bring a quick end to the war. While the US has been very careful to avoid collateral damage as much as possible to this point, it's not required by any treaty or convention, and it will likely come to throwing that kind of caution to the wind if our leaders choose to do the right thing to end the war quickly.

Meanwhile, the MSM will still be talking about the "civil war" in Iraq.

In saying this, it seems I may have made yet another prophecy. Have I predicted that the US will be forced to nuke Iran in order to win World War III? Not necessarily. I have predicted that Iran will be forced to enter the conflict due to the terrorists' miscalculations with regard to Israel's military strength, and eventually the US will be forced into the conflict. This is what the terrorists have wanted all along, but they've wanted to give the Iranians time to get their nukes in order. The sooner Iran is dragged into the war, the better. The longer that takes, the more forceful a message the US will have to send when we ultimately enter the war.

Make no mistake about it. The war in Lebanon is and will continue to be a major front in the War on Terror. Afghanistan and Iraq were mere skirmishes compared to what we face in that part of the conflict. Once again, the world will be forced to take sides, and the bloodiest war ever fought will finally be in full swing. The US will be victorious, but not without serious losses of life and property. Just as in 1945, the sooner we use our nukes to bring the terrorists to their knees and end the war, the better.

Of course, don't be surprised if the anti-war-MSM-left-etc. is still blindly crying "civil war in Iraq" when it's all over. I suppose that's what this prophecy is all about.