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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The new platform is done - or at least the first step (my draft).

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Here's what it looks like at this point:

Proposed Platform for the American Federalist Party


The members of the American Federalist Party have come together in the spirit of freedom and fellowship to acknowledge several truths about our great Nation as it exists today. These truths have forced us to set aside our differences as patriotic Americans with regard to many issues for which we hold differing yet passionate positions, such as regards abortion, war, vice, and even crime, in order to stand together in defense of the very basic law, designed to protect the unalienable rights with which we are endowed by our Creator, that has been abused and usurped to such an extent that the wise men who gave us such would be embarrassed at what has become of their cherished creation.

Political campaigns are funded by the federal government, and people who wish to publicly support a candidate are often restricted from doing so in violation of the First Amendment.

Congress has passed legislation regulating which kinds of weapons the people may own, and many States require government permission to secure arms and registration thereof, in violation of the Second Amendment.

In violation of the Fourth Amendment, private property has been taken from the people for the sole purpose of increasing tax revenues to local and State governments.

The list goes on, and in many cases the problem is so severe that the people of America often either do not know that their rights are being violated, or do not care. This is the source of the problems that overwhelm our country today. Virtually every major problem that affects Americans nationwide is the result, either directly or indirectly, of some abridgement of Constitutional rights or of some usurpation or abdication of power by those in federal, state, and/or local governments.

It goes without saying that with rights come responsibility. We will therefore not, as part of our platform, explain how the people of this great Nation should take responsibility for those aspects of life that we expect the government to vacate. Americans are a creative people, and all have the ability to learn for themselves how to succeed in the free world.

It goes without saying that with actions come consequences. We will therefore not, as part of our platform, explain how those who, experiencing negative consequences for their actions, bring themselves most readily into the ranks of the successful. The freedom to overcome adversity and succeed on one’s own has its own natural rewards for success.

It also goes without saying that not everyone will be responsible and/or successful. We reject, however, that it is within the power of government to involve itself in matters of providing for those less fortunate. We further reject that governments are in any way properly equipped to take on responsibilities such as these.

As Federalists, we believe in the separation and delegation of powers as provided in the US Constitution, with the proper delegation of the weakest powers to the federal government, and the strongest powers to the people, as provided in the bill of Rights. We acknowledge that the concerns voiced by the Anti-Federalists in the infancy of our Nation have largely come true, and wish to place restrictions upon government that will protect our unalienable rights from such abuses in future generations.

The Constitution was written in simple language so that any layman could understand it. Its plain language itself makes it a proper platform for a party trying to rescue it from the current abuses. Therefore, we believe that every American should read the Constitution thoroughly and come to a clear understanding of its meaning by reading the writings of the Founding Fathers and of those who opposed its initial ratification.

We wish our own platform to be so simple. We, however, claim none of the genius of the Founders in their wisdom; we only seek to follow their example in seeking the best way to secure the unalienable rights of the citizens of this great Nation.

Diversity and Common Ground within the Federalist Party

As a party, we seek only a few simple things. We rally around the concept of "originalist" interpretation of the Constitution, and allow all other issues to be resolved by the individual for himself. Each member or candidate will be free to hold whatever position he wishes, without interference from anyone in the party, for as Federalists we develop these positions with the Constitution in mind and reverence.

However, as Federalists, we cling to several simple concepts, and each of us freely affirms:

• That the unalienable rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights exist to protect the rights of individual Americans.
• That government infringement of those rights should be vigorously opposed.
• That government is by its very nature evil and must be watched closely by the people lest it enter into areas where it should not be allowed.
• That the concept of limited government requires that government officials work within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution, and that these limitations include lateral boundaries within the various levels of government as well as boundaries between the levels themselves.
• That compulsory government service is incompatible with the concept of individual liberty.
• That a government that does not function within its means is worse than an individuals who does the same, and that using terms like "balanced budget" and "surplus" in misleading ways merely intensifies the evil under which the people must function.
• That a vibrant and superior military with state-of-the-art weapons systems is necessary to defend the unalienable rights of Americans from those who would do them harm; and American soldiers must never be subversive to non-American commanders or serve under a foreign flag.
• That America is a sovereign nation with no obligations to any international organization.
• That the Right to Keep and Bear Arms includes the right to use deadly force in self-defense, as well as the right to organize into militias for defense against oppressive people and governments.
• That federal domestic and foreign aid programs are both illegal and immoral.
• That parents, not any government, are responsible for the education of their children, including manner, choice of facility, and the bearing of cost.
• That the federal government has no power to influence elections through regulation, finance, or control of the media.
• That the federal government does not possess the power to set forth an "energy policy".
• That government programs aimed at reducing poverty are neither legal nor beneficial to those they are designed to help, and
• That under a properly instituted federalist system, the federal government is at the weakest level, with local governments and the people being at the most powerful.

Policies of the Federalist Party

As Federalists, we seek to return our government to its proper distribution of powers as set forth in our Founding Documents. All policy positions to be advocated by Federalists, ad infinitum, shall be devised and implemented to respect and enforce these limits, thus keeping the government at its proper distance from the people. As federalists we will seek to implement policies requiring:

• That laws, programs, and policies that violate the federalist structure outlined in the Constitution be repealed.
• That laws passed in violation of the Constitutional rights of the States or the people are likewise repealed.
• That laws requiring compulsory government service, or the pre-registration for the same be repealed. This includes laws that require registration for compulsory military service.
• That a Constitutional Amendment requiring the real balancing of the federal budget and the retiring of the national debt be ratified.
• That our military's superior training be continued, and development of state-of-the-art weapons systems such as SDI be expedited instead of delayed.
• That no American considered sane and safe enough to be at large shall be deprived of the right to arm himself however he wishes, without interference of any kind from any level or branch of government.
• That membership in international organizations not clearly serving the national interest be dissolved. This includes the United Nations.
• That no group of Americans be penalized for the simple act of choosing to act as part of a militia.
• That all taxpayer-funded federal aid programs be dismantled.
• That all federal involvement in the education of children be phased out, and States rightly transfer all power and authority over education to the parents.
• That all federal laws placing limits of any kind on campaign finance or procedure be repealed.
• That the federal government remove itself from all involvement in the decisions of States and businesses with regard to energy.
• That all federal assistance programs aimed at the poor, sick, or elderly be phased out in favor of private sector entities or, where state constitutions may allow, the States.
• That provisions be made so that the federal government can never again rise to greater power than any state or local government.

Federalist Philosophy

As Federalists, we believe that government is at best a necessary evil that is prone to intolerable acts, and that it is the responsibility of the people to see through the salesmanship, half-truths, and blatant lies that those in government present in their efforts to gain acceptance for the things they advocate. We pledge as Federalists, to honor in all of our decisions, the original intent of the Founding Fathers.


• Federalist legislators will demand (and when in the majority, require) that all proposed legislation be accompanied by a Constitutional Authorization Report detailing how the proposed legislation is authorized under the Constitution. This report will then serve as a point of reference throughout debate and voting, as well as for executives, jurists, and the people, to assist in ensuring compliance with constitutional restraints upon government officials.
• Federalist legislators will propose, sponsor, and co-sponsor only legislation that is expressly allowed under the Constitution.
• Federalist legislators will vote against any legislation not expressly authorized by the Constitution.
• Federalist legislators will refrain from using as examples legislation passed in other countries or international organizations.
• Federalist legislators will endeavor to legislate consistently according to the Founders' original intent.


• Federalist justices will demand (and when in the majority, require) that all cases brought before their courts be accompanied by a Constitutional Authorization Report detailing how the relevant case either violates or is supported by the Constitution, especially in matters of government abuse.
• Federalist justices will defer powers to the States where constitutionally appropriate.
• Federalist judges will assert the powers appropriate to their level of government (state, local, etc.) over those of the federal government.
• Federalist jurists will reference the Constitution in their opinions.
• Federalist jurists will refrain from any reference to the law of any other nation or international organization in determining the course of their decisions.
• Federalist jurists will endeavor to rule consistently according to the original intent of the Founders.


• Federalist executives will demand that all bills passed by legislators and received for approval be accompanied by a Constitutional Authorization Report detailing how the bill in question is authorized under the Constitution.
• Federalist executives will defer to state or local governments where constitutionally appropriate.
• Federalist executives will sign into law only legislation that is expressly allowed under the Constitution.
• Federalist executives will proudly veto any legislation that is not expressly authorized under the Constitution, including legislation that contains multiple provisions, only some of which may be in violation.
• Federalist executives will respect as relevant only the laws and customs of the United States of America in their decision-making processes.
• Federalist executives will endeavor to govern consistently according to the Founders' original intent.


Not all Federalists agree on all issues. Our positions on various issues are based in our individual interpretations of the Constitution. However, we reject the expansion of socialism that has plagued this country for so long as legal under the Constitution and believe that returning to our Constitutional roots will solve the majority of the problems that this evil has created and encouraged. Socialism begets hate, jealousy, and economic mediocrity in is subjects. The free people of America should stand firmly against it. The Founders made no provisions for such things in the Constitution, and we Federalists believe this to be by design.

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