Yet Another Year Later ...  

Friday, August 29, 2008

Still waiting.

Still no sign of civil war in Iraq. CENTCOM is only reporting something about the US winning the war that seemed lost. Not a reference to a civil war. No reports from Bryan (now doing essentially the same job as a private-sector contractor) regarding anything of concern. No reports from Omar or Mohammed about anything worth getting worked up about. Oh, and about our Iraqi friends ...

Omar and Mohammed have moved to the United States temporarily to study here. I wonder how their professors are handling having someone who knows the truth in their lecture halls. I can just see it now: Professor starts ranting and raving about the Bush Administration and its "crimes" in Iraq. Omar raises his hand and tells him that without those so-called crimes, he'd still be suffering under Saddam Hussein instead of being able to come to America without fearing consequences against his friends and relatives should he choose to stay. Oh, and coming to America isn't an escape for him as it would have been ten years ago. Then the bullshit about the long-raging civil war and Mohammed's defense of the truth, that there's no civil war in Iraq, only arguments about how to proceed and foreign terrorists gumming up the works with violence. Despite having eyewitnesses to what actually happened in Iraq telling him otherwise, the professor would stand his ground, even to the point of calling those eyewitnesses fools for believing the lies fed to them by Bush and his minions.

I'll bet that Freder would react the same way. He'd look these Iraqis right in the eye and tell them they have no idea what they are talking about, despite their having personally been there to experience ALL of it.

That's liberals for ya. They're always right, even after being proven wrong.

Again, all my best wishes and prayers go out to everyone touched by this bit of history, whether for the better or for the worse. I especially wish Omar and Mohammed the very best luck in school, especially given the kooks they will inevitably have to deal with, and God speed for their safe return to their families in Baghdad when the time comes.

Freder, it's been three years. Your track record REALLY sucks.