So What?  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yeah yeah. I've been quiet.

I've also been focused in other areas these days, so here are my thoughts on things I've been thinking about ...

1. Ronda Rousey had a really amazing run. I'm looking forward to seeing her try and take it back. Holly (Holm) definitely has her work cut out for her.

2. Trying not to go too quickly while recovering from wrist issues. Training once a week for the time being, with the goal to fight the usual 3-4 per week by the end of January.

3. Getting a fresh set of wheels under my daughter. Should have that done today.

4. Loving just how busy things have been at work. December is usually a wash.

5. Can't say enough about the love I am experiencing. It just gets better every day!

6. Looking forward to seeing the Phillies grow this year. I'm really bummed that they traded Giles, but I suppose they know what they are doing. Also bummed that the Riversharks have left town, and hoping we get a new ballclub in Camden quickly.

7. Why are we bothering with a POTUS race? The powers that be are going to see to it that Hitlery gets in. "The Donald" is only there to make it interesting.

There it is. Good ol' Number 7. Wore it on my back my first season of organized baseball when I was 11. Finally, you say, got to a political point. Well yeah. Now you know why I haven't been posting. Everything has become not only obviously stupid and ridiculous, but simultaneously predictable. What's even more stupid (and sadly just as predictable) is how people are falling for these news reports about all these false-flag attacks all over the country and around the world as if they were truly the random acts of violence they are portrayed as instead of the planned and paid-for attacks that they really are. I'd say you could thank the "truthers" for giving the powers that be the idea for this, but it's now well-known that this has been done in the past - Gulf of Tonkin, the Reichstag, possibly even Pearl Harbor. These people want your guns, and they want war. They want war to profit from it, and they want your guns so that you can't do anything about it.

Anarchists get a bad rap all the time over killings here and there, but how come no one dares compare the number of people killed each year by anarchists with the number of people killed each year by governments? Folks, it isn't even close.

That's another reason for my silence. my friends. I'm reformulating my opinions on things. Finding a more appropriate direction, if you will. I've learned a lot of the "things they don't want you to know about" on many subjects, primarily religion and government (the two main instruments of population control throughout history), and am working on learning to express these new opinions properly and fairly.

I hope to come out swinging. I just don't know when.