More Thoughs on the Future  

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Ok ...

Well realistically speaking, there isn't really anything I am willing to blog here about anymore since I learned the truth. Frankly, the truth has set me free, but what it has set me free from is the very paradigm that made the RightWingRocker moniker effective.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to blog about anymore now that my efforts must be devoted to keeping myself free instead of defending a false notion of freedom. The "right" is only marginally different from the "left", so I had considering simply changing my blogger and blog name.

The reason this didn't work out for me is what I just mentioned. My efforts must now be devoted to actually freeing myself from these chains of slavery, and keeping myself free of them. There are many sources of information on this, and anyone who tries to bring the information forth in a more understandable way (as was my intention had I gone through with the change) is subjecting himself to undue coercion and even murder. The process and maintenance are extremely time-consuming, and maintaining a blog would be an undue burden, especially given the threat to anyone revealing this truth to the other slaves.

What this means is that I will not be renewing my domain name registration for when it comes up next month. I will leave the blog up on Blogger for a time, but I do plan on taking it down as well, including the comment area on IntenseDebate as well as Rocker and Sage. I am retiring from political blogging, and focusing on other areas that are more beneficial to my future.

I thank everyone who has been around for the last 13 years, especially Ol' BC, who was the most supportive of all. Sage and I were friends already before I became RWR, and we will continue indefinitely offline. That friendship is a strong lifelong one, which I value immensely.

Thanks also to Emperor Misha at, who was my inspiration to get started. I would say to keep fighting the good fight, but having learned that the fight is precisely what our masters want, I will refrain.

I am proud of my accomplishments as a blogger, and will still be blogging (just not politically). For the time being, I can be emailed at and Ultimately, though, both of these will be shut down as well.

And so I bid farewell to the political blogging world. This blog and its activities have been instrumental in my learning what I have learned. The red pill tastes awful, but it sure beats living their lies.