President Donald Trump  

Monday, January 30, 2017

First of all, let me say that it is amazing to actually be able to use that title directly with ANYONE'S name at this point. The people of this country, including myself, are the final arbiters of the meaning of the Constitution. Since it was never demonstrated to my satisfaction that Mr. Obama was a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution, I never used the title President with his name. It was always "Mr. Obama" or "the guy in the White House" or something like that. Proof that his presented birth certificate is a forgery (and not even a very good one) has only added fuel to that fire. There is definitely something there to hide, and I believe that his relationship to Communist Party bigwig Frank Marshall Davis is at the heart of it. America is better with this man as far away from the White House as possible, regardless of his eligibility.

President Trump has been a HUGE breath of fresh air in many ways. Political correctness appears to be making its way to the beach for its long-deserved feeding to the sharks (if they will even eat it). The guns have been turned on the terrorists instead of being provided to them (hopefully this process can be quicker than what we have seen in the past - don't count on it). The (Un)Affordable Care Act is breathing its last. The Southern border is in the process of being shored up.  The TPP is done and gone.  HR 193 actually has a chance for a change, and if it gets passed, we have a real president who will proudly sign the damned thing and get on with the business of restoring American sovereignty.

This doesn't come without a cost, of course. Nothing does. Thousands of innocent, peaceful muslims are having trouble getting back to the States while "things get sorted out", and war continues. It is important to note that these were things our president promised on the campaign trail, so despite the practices of his predecessors being entirely different, it is refreshing to see someone trying to do something of substance about these issues and not being a pussy when asked about it.

President Trump has also started calling out the media directly for their lies. The purveyors of fake news are now a laughing stock all over the country. It's refreshing.

I don't expect to find everything this man does perfect. I'm not a Democrat and neither is he. I'll call him on the carpet for things I disagree with just as I would a Republicrat. I don't like the "torture works" doctrine, but I would prefer that to telling the terrorists up front that they won't be tortured. Ideally, you say something like that and then quietly just not torture people. I can see how it is unwise to publicly say otherwise.  It would be great to find out eight years from now that that was the case.

For now, though, he seems to be doing pretty well. If the worst that happens is that some people have a delay getting back from abroad, then this is a huge improvement.