MSM Fake News: Busted Again  

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Don't you just love how fake news outlets like CNN and their ilk think they can put out OBVIOUSLY FAKE reports (often of useless information) and expect people to fall for it?

Honestly, I was astonished last night when a couple of the musicians I was working with started talking about the pictures from the inauguration as if what CNN reported (and later retracted - I guess they missed that part) was actually factual.

Sorry guys, taking a picture right after the gates open and claiming that's the crowd that showed up is not going to win you any viewers. You can't even trust a website that calls itself "Fact Check". They got it wrong too.

Of course, all this is done to make President Trump seem unpopular. All I have to say to that is this: Meh. The guy has all but ended political correctness (good), pulled out of the TPP (good), basically forced Mexico to deal with their own economic problems, wall or no wall (good), put guns back into the hands of the disabled (good), begun investigations into the widespread voter fraud that has plagued us for generations (good), and started the process of rolling back the Unaffordable Care Act (good).

About the only thing I am not on board with is the warmongering. However, I will say the following: President Trump appears to want to confront and beat our enemies instead of funding and arming them, as his opponent had a history of doing (good), and though I don't like the idea of torture, leaving it on the table at least publicly has got to have at least some deterring effect on our enemies (good). You were going to get  warmonger in this election either way (not good).

Also possible with President Trump, but impossible with his opponent, is the potential for finally getting out of the United Nations, an organization that uses our money and resources to fund and support our enemies (good), and an opportunity to rein in the Federal Reserve criminal cartel that has led the way in enslaving nearly the entire population of the United States (good). These things may or may not happen, but they are guaranteed not to have happened had his opponent won the election.

All I can say is so far, so good. Even if the crowds were smaller at the inauguration, which they weren't, the product of this election can't possibly be called anything but a rousing success. Save for the warmongering, I'm cautiously optimistic about what I am seeing so far.